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Tuition Details

Mission: To provide an excellent and positive learning experience for all students, allowing them to excel in their chosen dance discipline.


Team: Paige MacDonald is the Owner and Director of ADS. She is here for you and can be contacted by phone or email.

Our Instructors are:

Heather Bunty               

Siobhan Winter            

Gail Trotta                     

Chika Orton

Christina McClelland   

Willow Solly

Margo Barton

Jared MacDonald  

Charlotte Solly  Office Manager, she can answer questions regarding enrollment, tuition and billing. Charlotte is also our costume and alteration expert.

All class teachers may be subject to change. In this situation ADS will provide you with a suitably qualified alternative instructor.


Dates of Operation:  Fall classes will commence on Mon September 7th 2020.

Thanksgiving break   Thurs. Nov. 26th - Sat. Nov 28th Classes resume on Mons. Nov 30th 2020

Winter break   Mon. Dec 21st -Sat. Jan. 2nd Classes resume on Mon. Jan. 4th 2021      

Spring Break: Mon. April 5th-April 10th   Classes resume Mon. April 12th 2021

The 2020/21 session will finish Saturday May 29th 2021


Registration fee: A one time, non refundable, fee of $25 per family is required at registration.

Tuition:  Tuition fees are non refundable and non transferable.

Tuition fees are due on the 1st of each month, these may be paid in person, by check, cash, Visa or Mastercard only.

Classes are charged on a monthly basis. It should be noted that some months may have 5 classes and other months have less. The fees are not prorated and remain the same for each calendar month.


If ADS must close due to COVID-19 related issues before the 10th of the month, tuition will be refunded prorata (Registration fees are non-refundable). If a closure happens after the 10th of the month, Remaining tuition will be credited towards the next available payment period. Credit unused after 30 days will be void. For Prices of each class click here.

Family Discount: If more than one family member takes classes at ADS then a $5 discount will be applied per month for each additional person.


Late Fees: Payment in considered late on the 10th of the month.  Any account that has not been paid in full will have a late fee of $15 per month until the account is paid in full. The student/family will be dropped from class(es) if payment is more than 30 days late.


Auto Payment: Please complete the auto payment form for your credit card to be charged automatically on the 1st day of the month. The first month of our new season(September) Auto pay will be charged on the 7th of the Month.


Returned Checks: If a check is returned from the bank then a fee of $25 will be applied to the account. 


Drop in Classes: The fee is $15. Drop in classes are available if the class is below its maximum capacity. This is appropriate for occasional classes only. A release sign in form must be completed. Punch cards are no longer available.


Attendance: All students are expected to arrive on time for a class in the proper attire (see dress code) with hair up in the appropriate style.  Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early. Unless your child is under the age of 5, parents will not be allowed in lobby space. Absolutely no siblings allowed in Lobby Space. These parameters are due to COVID 19 and are in affect until further notice. Parents must be ready to pick up their children as soon as possible after class. ADS is not responsible for watching your child before or after class.

Absences:  ADS reserves the right to drop any student that is absent for more than 2 classes in a month.  For an absence to be excused the parent/student must email the studio (No Texts) prior to the class. Emails should include the student’s name, class and reason for the absence. The Studio Director will make the final decision as to whether the absence is excusable or not. For all absences, both excused and unexcused, there are no refunds or adjustments of tuition fees. Please be aware that many of the classes have waiting lists, so if your child is enrolled in a class regular attendance is essential. There are other children that would like the opportunity to dance. Makeups are not an available option. If you want to schedule a private session to have a student catch up on missed time, you may schedule one through the office management. Private Session fees will be applied.


Withdrawals: Please inform ADS of any classes that are being dropped. There is a 2 week notice period for any discontinued classes. There are no refunds on costume or registration fees.

Arriving late for class: Any student arriving more than 10 minutes late for class will not be allowed to participate. If the warm up component of the class has been missed it is not advised that the student then dances. This policy is in place to help prevent injuries. In some cases the student may be able to stay and observe the class. Refunds and make up classes are not offered for students that are late. 


Cancellations and Closures: ADS follows the Pend Oreille School District closures due to inclement weather. This is to ensure the safety of our dancers and families.

It is your responsibility to stay updated school district weather closures. 

ADS reserves the right to cancel classes due to emergencies and adverse weather. Families will be updated regarding closures and cancellations through email/text and Facebook.


Private Lessons: To arrange private lessons please communicate with the Director. Cancellation of the class does require 24 hours notice, if no notice is given then the full charge for the lesson will be applied to the students account.


Class Placement and Pre-requisites: Some classes require pre-requisites or permission of an instructor. 

Please ensure that you have completed the necessary conditions or have permission from the Studio Director (Paige MacDonald) before enrolling into the class. If you have not met the class requirements you may be removed from the class. Placement in the correct class with the right experience is very important.

ADS reserves the right to place students according to age, ability and dance experience.

Dance Studio and Lobby:  Only instructors and assistants are allowed in the studio room during class time.

No gum is allowed in the dance room. Water is available and allowed. Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

The waiting area is for the convenience of our students. The lobby is designated to be a quiet space to allow quality instruction to take place.

Due to COVID-19 ADS has updated Lobby protocols to keep our studio clean and safe for the students and faculty.

Please read the Policies below.

Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of the class, please wait in your car if you are early.


If a student is ill or anyone in your family is ill then please do not attend class.


Management reserves the right to refuse admittance or send a student home who is presenting with any signs of illness.


All students should arrive with clean and sanitized hands.


Any student arriving more than 10 minutes late for class will not be allowed to participate if the warm up component of the class has been missed. This policy is in place to prevent injuries.


Management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave who is not abiding by social distancing requirements.


Dancers are not required to wear face masks, it is your personal choice.


Parents must be ready to pick up their children as soon as class ends. ADS is not responsible for watching your child and they are unable to wait in the lobby.


Restrooms are available for the use of students and staff only.


Dancers should bring a water bottle and this should not be shared with other students.


Please help us to promote the most positive environment and make everyone feel welcome.  If you need to discuss a problem then please arrange a time to talk with the class instructor. Please note that instructors may not have time to talk between or during classes. By scheduling an appointment the instructor can then give you their full attention.

Recital: A yearly recital will be held in spring/early summer. A recital packet will be available around Christmas this will detail all the policies relevant to this years recital.

The recital is not mandatory but strongly encouraged.

A recital fee will be charged to cover participation and costume fees.

Stay Connected: ADS sends out e-mails/texts as events arise or to keep you updated with current events.  If you are not receiving our e–mails please check your spam box or contact the studio.

We are on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to be able to receive text messages please indicate this on the registration form.

The parent portal can be accessed from the website this allows you to register for classes and pay tuition.


Privacy: ADS does not share or sell families personal or financial information.

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