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Summer Schedule 2024
Allegro has exciting opportunities for dancers of all ages to condition, create, and explore during our summer program from July 8th – August 15th. Choose from which workshop, camps or intensives work for you. Registration will begin May 8th, 2024. (Prices increase on June 8th)
Allegro welcomes new and returning students who would like to take workshop, camps, or intensives over the Summer.     *A placement/evaluation is required prior for enrolling for students ages 6 + and above and can be scheduled by contacting the front office via email at or calling 208-610-0188.
Session I:      Master Technique Intensive
Mon-Fri                  July 8-12th              9:30-2:30pm

Session II:         Primary Intensive    
Mon-Thurs            July 15-18th              9:30-11:30am

Session III:         Elementary Intensive
Mon-Thurs           July 22-25th             9:30-12:00pm

Session IV:         Junior Intensive
Mon-Fri            July 29 - Aug 2nd            9:30-1:00pm

Session V:        Senior Intensive
Mon-Fri             Aug 5th - 9th                 9:30-2:00pm

Session VI:        Petite Intensive. 
Mon- Thurs        Aug 12th -15th            9:30- 11:00am
Dance Workshop:    Fourth of July                   Age 3+
Wed -Thur                July 3-4th                9:30-10:30am

Dance Camp:         Make a Wish!                  Age 3-5 yrs   Mon-Thur            July 8-11th                     10-11:30am

Dance Camp:      Tik Tok & Hip Hop           Age 6-9 yrs
Mon-Thur            July 15- 18th                9:30-11:30am

Dance Camp:     Tapping Troll-Tastic         Age 3-5 yrs  
Mon-Thur           July 22nd -25th.             10-11:30am

Dance Camp:     In My Swifie-Era.              Age 6-9 yrs 

Mon-Thur            July 29th-Aug 1st           9:30-11:30am

Dance Camp:     Cheer & Song.                   Age 3-6 yrs
Mon-Thru           Aug 5th-8th.                     10 -11:30am

Dance Camp:    Musical Theater                 Age 7 - 10 yrs
Mon-Thru         Aug 12th-15th                  9:30-11:30am

Adult Classes 
Online Enrollment Monday, May 8th at 8pm
** Please note that tuition for all Summer Camps and Summer Intensives are non-refundable and non-transferable**
All camps and intensives require a minimum of 6 enrolled students to proceed.
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