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Devoted Dancer Program

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn!

Our Devoted Dancer Program is categorized into Division of classes that focus on technique, repertoire and varied dance disciplines. Beginning with the Preparatory level, dancers develop flexibility, strength, alignment and turnout. The Division culminates into Ballet Levels, with a total of certain years with each level. Dancers will be evaluated for placement for the next Division for more advanced training. 

Young Dancers in Ballet Class


We place students in the correct Division based on the class(s) that will best suit their continued development as a dancer. Dancers who wish to join starting from Ballet I must take a placement class from our Director to assess dancers for the best option for them.


(Students who are entering the Devoted Dancer program have required Core prerequisite in Ballet, then additional classes can be added thereafter if desired. Directors approval for higher levels with an evaluation/audition required for these levels of training) 


Performance opportunity to audition for the Nutcracker (7+ years) as well as with an end of the year Spring Recital. There are a total of 3 absences of any kind for the Nutcracker and the Spring Recital, with Mandatory Dress Rehearsal. Otherwise dancers will NOT be able to perform in the end of the year Recital or Nutcracker (NO Exceptions)  

                            Teen Ballet 

Ballet is a classical form of dance that provides the foundational skills for all other styles.  Emphasis is placed on body alignment, arm position, turnout, flexibility, fluidity, precision, and strength.  Teen Ballet is offered in two levels; class placement is determined by skill level and students may repeat levels until they have achieved mastery.   Teen classes may choose to perform in the annual recital, and the Nutcracker auditions too.

Ballet Class
Calendar Pages

   Dates to Remember 

Studio closed for;

Thanksgiving: 11/20/23 - 11/24/23

Halloween: 10/31/23

Christmas: 12/25/23 - 1/8/24

Spring Break: 4/1/24 - 4/5/24

Memorial Day: 5/27/24

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